2023    "Maya Womb Medicine" Seminar with Wilde Urnatur

2022    "Bodysex© Workshop" with Anna Scheer

2020     "Improart - Körperliche Improvisation" with Peter Krempelsetzer


2019      "KinoDynamique 2019" kino5 - Plattform für unabhängige

          Filmschaffende, producing and screening short movies


         "Surreal Improv Intensive" Physical Theatre Training with Oliver 



         "Body-Mind Centering ® Embodying the Skeletal System" with

          Melody Shantala Sacco and Sebastian Bechinger


         "Bonding Workshop" at YI-Zentrum (Yoga Individuell) with Manuela

          Inschlag and Angela Berger


         "Immersive Theatre and Sensory Journey" intensive training and

         public performances at Prater Vienna with (Sensory Theatre Sofia)

          Mihail Dimov, Zlatina Toleva and Velina malina


2018      "Escape - Creativity at work for social inclusion", "Erasmus +"

          Mobility of Youth Workers Project with Emanuele Nargi and Riccardo



          "Körpertheater - Elemente im Spiel" with Veronika Vitovec


          "Surreal Improv Intensive" Physical Theatre Workshop with Oliver



          "Deep Body Work" with Roderich Madl at ImPulsTanz -

           Vienna International Dance Festival


          "Afro Haitian Dance" with Karine Label at ImPulsTanz -

           Vienna International Dance Festival


          "A Dancer's Day" Workshop with Boris Charmatz

           at Wiener Festwochen


          "SlowForward" Workshops with Frantschesko


           Aerial Yoga Classes with Karger Nina


           "Energetic Icons" Workshop with Doris Uhlich


since 2017  Physical Theatre labs and performances "Surreal Improv" with

           Oliver Klebert & artist collective


           part of team "Sowieso!" offering art- and movement

           workshops for kids with special needs at Zoom and Dschungel Wien


2017-2022 Working in a very small chocolate manufactory "Bitter Süss -

           Wiener Schokoladenmanufaktur"/ art studio where producing and

           selling high quality handmade chocolate in Vienna


2017       "Dance for Health" Workshop with Fabiana Pastorini (ImPulsTanz - 

           Vienna International Dance Festival)


           "KinoDynamique 2017" kino5 - Plattform für unabhängige 

           Filmschaffende, producing and screening short movies


           Workshop and Performance with Monica Sandulescu and Veronika

           Vitovec (A sensory theatre journey), since then working in an

           artist collective called "Imaginario"


since 2016  several performance projects and art installations, solo or in

           cooperation with other artists


           exploration and research in womanhood, female cycle, naturalness

           of bleeding & questioning the image of women in our society -   

           various creations and art installations with menstruation blood

           celebrating female empowerment  


           freelance photographer (events, art projects, people)


           part of "Dance Ability", dance organisation including people having

           special needs / with or without any physical or mental disease -

           classes, workshops, labs and performance with various teachers like

           Vera Rosner, Lau Lukkarila, Franz Sramek and international guests


2016-2019   Butoh Dance Classes (performance art / modern expressionist dance

           founded in Japan) with Eva Maria Klauser-Hermann


2016       Several Clown theatre courses with Peter Spindler, Liz Sixensius,

           Hubertus Zorell and Verena Vondrak


           Workshop: 5 Element Ecstatic Dance with Mihaela Ionescu


           "Shamanic Improvisation" Workshop with Keith Hennessy (ImPulsTanz            - Vienna International Dance Festival)


           Workshop: "Moving Silence - Ensouled Dance" with Monika Lackinger


           Seminar: "Dancetherapy and Motion Analysis" with Susanne Bender


2015-2016   Educated as a dance teacher/pedagogue

           (Integrative Tanzpädagogin) with Bernhard Weiser and Maria Höllrigl


           Original Play - Playing by Heart: Workshops and practical

           experience with kids at Wuk School Vienna with Fred Donaldson, at

           kindergarten and refugee home


           Several Theatre Improvisation Workshops with Quintessenz


           Several Contact Improvisation Workshops with Sabine Müller, Christian

           Apschner, Inge Kaindlstorfer (ImPulsTanz - Vienna International

           Dance Festival)


           Dancing in Nature Experiences with Sabine Müller


           Authentic Movement Workshops with Martina Mückler and Sabine



           Seminar "Dancing with Children" with Alli Schumacher-Möth


2014-2017  Employed as a kindergardenteacher leading a group of 3 to 6 yr old

           kids in kindergarten


2013-2016   Several Contemporary Dance Classes with Karen Gleeson, Daniela

           Strobl and Christian Apschner


2012-2014  2 years living abroad in Ireland, working privately as an AuPair and

           giving workshops for children raised bilingually


2010       Theatre Workshop at Junge Burg Vienna


2007-2012 Graduated kindergarten teacher after 5 years of education at

           BAKIP (Bildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik)